This 10 Things You Should Never Google

In most cases, Google can be of great help in getting information or something you need, but, there can be times when it can work against you. Following are the list of things you should avoid from Googling.

10. Your Symptoms

Let's start with your health problems, many websites specialize in such content but are not managed by doctors. Looking up at your symptoms on google will not help you, in fact, you would panic. In case of any health problem don't get reliant on Dr. Google, simply get an appointment and visit a doctor.

9. Anything criminal

Googling something like how to make a bomb or how to make drugs can get you in serious problems as security and drug control services always trace such kinds of searches.

8. Cancer

This is a case in which the less you know the better you sleep. There are many kinds of these and can be similar to other simple conditions that just might not be cancer, which will mistakingly make you believe you have signs of cancer.

7. Bedbug infestations

You must have known about these bedbugs that are seen on the bed or must have encountered too, but try not to google bedbug infestation.

6. Skin conditions

There are many infections related to skin and some can look really bad. You can see a lot of images of this on Google but many can be really irritating.

5. Smokers’ lungs

The internet is flooded with numbers of images of people who heavily smoke. You can look up at it if you are looking for some inspiration to stop smoking, but we recommend you don't see it.

4. Dangerous animals

Try staying away from such a list unless you want to acquire new fears. The are many animals that are terrifying and can be local too that might discourage you from traveling.

3. Your name

In the era of the internet our privacy is questionable and googling your name could lead to unpleasant results, which could be bad photos of you, incorrect information, and inappropriate content.

2. Blackhead removal

This will not terrify you or cause you trouble but It's so weird that blackhead removal causes such visual satisfaction for many, but it sure does. So we advise you to stay away from this.

1. Giving Birth:

We must have seen this in movies where women could be screaming out but in reality, it's more worrying that will cause women to freak out and might as well feel like not having babies after watching this.

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Posted in Top 10 Things In World You Should Know About on Jun 27, 2020


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