After Apple, Samsung rumored to ditch in-box charger

Samsung seems to be following what looks like a highly-criticized decision Apple could make. After Apple being rumored to sell its iPhone 12 lineup without the in-box charger, rumor has it that the South Korean tech company Samsung might do the same thing with its 2021 smartphones. Read on to know more about the new leak.

Samsung won't sell in-box chargers with phones

It is expected that beginning next year, Samsung won't include chargers in the box of its future smartphones. The news came to the surface via a report by Some industry officials said, "Samsung Electronics is discussing how to remove the charger from smartphone components with related companies."

While Samsung hasn't provided any official word on the same, the reason for this is supposed to be cost reduction and the fact that chargers are simply available from any other brand.

Since smartphone prices have noticed an exponential hike in recent years, the exclusion of in-box accessories such as a charger can help cut some costs if not majorly. Currently, Samsung doesn't provide any in-box earphones with its smartphones, a norm being followed by various companies to reduce the earphone costs and boost the sales of their audio accessories.

The news comes in after the Cupertino tech major Apple has been in the news for the same reason. It might not include a charger with the iPhone 12 series and can also ditch the in-box EarPods for users to go for the AirPods.

Although the decision might benefit Samsung, Apple, and more who might think of doing the same thing. it will not be fruitful for the manufacturers who provide the chargers to these companies. Additionally, users will suffer too as they will have to shell out extra money for the charger or the audio accessory.

Having stated that, nothing is concrete at the time of writing and we need to wait for some official information from Samsung. Hence, stay tuned for more information.

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Posted in Tech News on Jul 09, 2020


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