Amazon extended Crucible pre-season phase indefinitely

Amazon’s Crucible is widely known as the company’s first effort at becoming a video game publishing giant. The Crucible had good start as most of the reviewers sought more fine-tuning. The Crucible has 6 out of 10 rating on Steam and 48% on PC Gamer also 5 out of 10 on GameSpot. Amazon is finally concerns about rating as it has extended the pre-season phase indefinitely.


Crucible developers said that the game will remain in the pre-season phase until they develop new features and improvements in the game.They also said that they have good response from gamers and some gamers giving feedback about missing features that they will added into the game such as voice chat. They are concerns for all the reviews and feedback started to development for new improvements.They also plan roadmap for the future development of the game.

The Crucible devlopers are focus on voice chat feature in the first phase of update and also working on other features like mini-map and looking to the develop a better ping system among others.

In the second phase of the update they focus on polishing the game to improve the game experience. also looking for better social system functionality, and so on.

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Posted in Entertainment on Jun 08, 2020


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