CamScanner banned in India: Top 5 alternative apps that can scan documents

The CamScanner is a fine app to scan documents but it became banned in India along with other 58 apps from Chinese companies following the government’s order. One of the popular apps on this list, TikTok, has been taken down from the Google Play and Apple App Store but CamScanner is still available at these stores. But, it could also follow suit considering it is now banned in the country. If you are a user of the application, you will need a replacement. We have created a list of CamScanner alternatives based on their efficiency and positive reviews they received on the app stores.

Microsoft Office Lens Developed Microsoft, the Microsoft Office Lens is a powerful CamScanner alternative. The application allows you to scan all kinds of documents and export them to Word or PowerPoint directly. The app works even more helpful for those who are already into Microsoft’s ecosystem. Adobe Scan Adobe Scan appears in the mind first when you think about CamScanner alternatives. As the name suggests, the app is developed by Adobe and comes with amounts of features, which is required from a document management conglomerate like Adobe.

PhotoScan The PhotoScan is developed by Google that not only allows you to scan documents but comes quite helpful if you want to scan printed photos and save them as digital copies. The PhotoScan is much good at creating digital photos from physical ones and does cropping work on its own.

TurboScan TurboScan allows you to do almost all the work CamScanner is capable of. The application features multiple scanning, auto edge detection, and more features along with a sharpening mode that created better-scanned copies.

TapScanner TapScanner is also a suitable option for the CamScanner app. The unique quality of this app is that it takes multiple photos to create a detailed scanned document. You can export the scanned copies in a number of formats and upload them to the cloud as well.

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Posted in Articles on Jul 01, 2020


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