Club Audition M Is Now Available in SEA Region

PlayPark has announced the launch of its latest mobile game, Club Audition M. Players. It is now available for download in Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore. User's of these countries can now download the game from their local App or Play Store.

Reasonably one of the first multi-player Rhythmic games in MMO history, the Audition series is now available on mobile titled Club Audition M.

One of the highlights of the game is that you can play songs from JPOP, KPOP, and CPOP. Reveal yourself and dress up as your favorite idol or superstar as there are tons of different outfits for players to unlock. Players will be able to play Club Audition Mobile’s different game modes and try out the many different items to customize their in-game avatars. You can go head to head with other players or try out Couple mode with a friend, where both of you need to be in perfect sync to win!

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Posted in Gaming Zone on Jul 22, 2020


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