Coronavirus Update:- US announces relaxations for H-1B visa holders and Green Card applicants

In view of Coronavirus, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services department (USCIS) has extended the flexibleness for H-1B visa holders and positive identification candidates to reply to the notices of submitting varied documents. A 60-day grace amount has been offered to the candidates

“This flexibility applies to the sure documents if the provision date listed on the request, notice or call is between March one and July 1, 2020, inclusive. USCIS can think about a response to the higher than requests and notices received at intervals sixty calendar days once the response day of the month set within the request or notice before taking action.” the announcement reads.

USCIS is adopting many measures to safeguard our manpower and community and to reduce the immigration consequences for those seeking immigration advantages throughout this point.

Posted in News on May 03, 2020


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