EA Play Live and Steam Game Festival postponed to next week

Steam Game Festival and EA Play Live postponed their festivities,from June 9 to June 16.Steam’s Game Festival includes the amazing video games using demos and devlopers live events. With E3 and other showcase events missing this year now devs are also moving towards online to exhibit their games.


Steam is building their position as a games distribution platform gives them a unique way to celebrate games. For new-comers, their developer page allows game developers to set up their limited free trials and demos at the same time.

If developers wants to give playable experience of their game to showcase the game than Steam also provides support for them.Developers can set up chat session with their fans by using live strams.

Besides the Steam Game Festival for summer, EA Play Live is also another event which coming around the same time. Electronic Arts moved their event to June 18, 7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT.

According to the EA’s Twitter account, EA Play Live 2020 is moving to give way to current conversations about social justice and racism.

A variety of the events meant for last week shifted to another time to accommodate protests. With the political climate becoming more precarious around the world and video game studios are trying to offer better platforms.

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Posted in Entertainment, Gaming Zone on Jun 09, 2020


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