Fans can root for their favorite teams from home with Yamaha's 'Remote Cheerer' app


Yamaha thinks it has come up with a innovation that will allow people to feel like they are virtually at the game, while also giving players the sense that the stands are full. It is called the "Remote Cheerer."

Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD is essentially a soundboard app for your mobile phone that transmits sound effects to the stadium. The software allows users to choose where they would like to be virtually seated, and various cheers or jeers are activated with the tap of a button. The app then sends those noises to one of 58 speakers located around the playing field. Examples of some of the sound effects include cheering, booing, applause, and clapping along to team chants.

Yamaha just conducted testing of the system at Japan's Shizuoka Stadium at a soccer match between J├║bilo Iwata and Shimizu S-Pulse.

Posted in Tech News on May 29, 2020


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