Google Duo also provide feature of invite links for group video calling like Zoom

Video calling platform Google’s Duo now has invite links on mobile which making it big competitor to Zoom and other videoconferencing apps.Google is focusing on provide fully featured platform for business.In COVID-19 pendemic, peoples are using more video conferencing app even for the casual hangouts.That is the reason google plan and launch the new features on its existing chats app.


Google's Duo is supported upto 12 peoples on video call and also its available free for people.In the future we even see more powerfull video conferencing on web also.The Invite links are announced in the last month and now its roll out and also planned to included the web support.

If you want create video conferencing call through Duo so it can be done through dedicated invite link once the groupe call has been created.Currently it only available on mobile on both platforms android and iOS.But it currently not availble on Desktop version

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Posted in Tech News on Jun 09, 2020


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