Google Fixes Critical Security Issues in CHROME Browser. Please Update Your Chrome Immediately to version version 81

Google has warned Chrome users regarding the important security issue within the browser. The users square measure suggested to update their browser to the v81.

The update of the browser, version 81.0.4044.113 — has been unrolled for Windows, mackintosh and UNIX system, Google announce on support pages.

In a tiny note with the protection update, Google has aforesaid, “Access to bug details and links is also unbroken restricted till a majority of users square measure updated with a fix. we are going to conjointly retain restrictions if the bug exists in a very third-party library that different comes equally depend upon, however haven’t nevertheless fastened.”

Chrome users will check their version by clicking the 3 vertical dots within the prime right corner of the browser before getting to the regarding section, under Help.

The note goes on to say that the update includes one security patch, that has been deemed important. The exploit codenamed CVE-2020-6457 was amid a imprecise description: “Use when free in speech recognizer”. Nothing a lot of is mentioned regarding the exploit within the post.

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Meanwhile Google has pushed out Chrome 81.0.4044.92, which incorporates patches for all thirty two vulnerabilities. 3 of the high-rated ones were singled out by Google. These square measure additionally to the eight issues fastened with Associate in Nursing earlier unharness.

Posted in Tech News on Apr 26, 2020


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