Google Removed 'Mitron' and 'Removed China Apps' From PlayStore

This week Google Removes 'Mitron' and 'Remove China Apps' from Playstore.Both apps gets huge response and donwloads in India. Both apps are top in list of free apps. Google explains now why they removed both apps from playstore.


'Mitron' is comes into the lime-light as 'Tik-tok' new Indian Competitor but later on its discovered as copy of 'Tic-Tic',existing short video app. This app will gets popularity from current trend in India to boycott Chinese products.But this app is removed from google play store becuase number technical policy voilations.The list of issues has given to the developers once they fix the issue it will be back on Google Play Store. But In case of 'Remove China apps' quiet difficult to back on Google Play Store. This app is suspended because it encourages users to remove others apps from device and its not part of varifiable security service.

Both app has good ratings and downloads in Google Playstore. Mitron has 5 million download with the rating of 4.7 star and Remove China app has one million download with over 4 star ratings.Both apps are in the list of top free apps. Let's see what happened with both apps in upcoming months.Follow us on social media to catch every updates.

Posted in Tech News on Jun 05, 2020


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