Google removes millions of reviews from Play Store to improve TikTok rating

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The last few weeks have been very difficult for Chinese video making app Tiktok because the number of controversies it has landed itself in.It also reflected in Tiktok's play store rating.It fells from over 4 to 1.2 which was its all time low rating.But now its started reviving from its low bit by bit. In the latest development, the app’s ranking has reached 1.5 stars with 22 million user reviews.

This is because the result of Google removing user reviews so that the app could get some balance.

Nobert Elekes, a verified Twitter user and a data storyteller as he claims himself to be recently noted in a tweet “Apparently, Google deleted over a million TikTok reviews overnight, this is the reason why the rating increased from 1.2 to 1.6 stars.”

His shows on tweet a screenshot in which Playstore shows 28 million reviews and the rating is 1.2 stars and in another screenshot shows 27 million reviews with 1.6 stars.

As of today at the time of this article written Playstore shows 22 million reviews for TikTok and it has 1.5 stars. This shows that from last week, Google has removed around five million user reviews.

Google does not stated the reason for the removal of these reviews but it has surely improved the ranking of the app, even if it is to some extent.

Posted in Tech News on May 25, 2020


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