Hackers release jailbreak that unlocks every iPhones up to iOS 13.5

A renowned iPhone hacking group called the unc0ver team has released new "Jailbreak" tool that unlocks all iphones upto the iOS 13.5.


Apple has a “walled garden” approach to iPhones where it limits customizations to its phones by only allowing select apps and customizations on its phones.

Hackers have attempted to find loopholes to allowing for more customization in the smartphone using previously known iOS vulnerabilities to break free from what is dubbed as Apple’s “jail,” hence the term “jailbreak.” This is done by exploiting a previously known iOS vulnerability to break through these restrictions set by Apple and access the underlying software. The jailbreak might not work forever. It will be effective only till the time that Apple finds and patches the vulnerability that enables the jailbreak.

Posted in Tech News on May 26, 2020


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