How to Create a Folder in Ubuntu

When you install Ubuntu on a computer, a set of default folders are available for you to store your documents. These folders have names such as "Videos" and "Pictures" and let you organize your documents so you can quickly find them. If don't want to store files in one of these folders, you can create a new folder with a custom name.

Using The File Browser

Step 1

Navigate to the location where you want to make a new folder. You can make a new folder on the desktop or inside an existing folder on the hard drive.

Step 2

Right-click the mouse and select "Create Folder." A new folder icon appears with the default folder name highlighted.

Step 3

Type a new name for the folder and press "Enter" to save the name.

Using The Terminal

Step 1

Open the Ubuntu terminal by clicking "Applications," then clicking "Accessories" and selecting "Terminal."

Step 2

Type "sudo mkdir /home/user/newFolder" in the terminal. The "mkdir" command creates a new folder in the location you specify after the command. Replace "/home/user/newFolder" with the location where you want to create the folder. If you want to create a folder on the desktop, the location is "home/user/Desktop/newFolder," where "user" is your username and "newFolder" is the name of the folder you are creating.

Step 3

Press "Enter" to create the folder.

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Posted in Articles, Programing Guide And Tips on Aug 08, 2020


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