‘Idola Phantasy Star Saga’ Is Coming to the West and a Closed Beta Is Now Live on Google Play

In 2018, Sega revealed Idola Phantasy Star Saga for iOS and Android. It was announced as a Phantasy Star anniversary title and was at TGS 2018. Shuntaro Tanaka (Valkyria Chronicles, Phantasy Star Online 2 es) is the producer of Idola Phantasy Star Saga with Sho Mutsuura (Phantasy Star Online 2) responsible for art direction while Tomomasa Chin (Phantasy Star Online 2 es, Valkyria Chronicles 2) is directing the game. Since the reveal and eventual release in Japan, there was no news on an international release. A Western release has finally been confirmed through Boltrend Games. Watch the original reveal trailer below:

Idola Phantasy Star Saga doesn’t have a release date for the West yet but a closed beta is now live until August 11th on Android. This is live in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and South East Asia excluding Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia. You can sign up here on Google Play if you’d like to sample the first six chapters of the main story. Idola Phantasy Star Saga is now available in Japan on iOS and Android. Check it out here on the App Store for iOS and here on Google Play for Android. I’m interested to try this when it finally releases worldwide on iOS. Have you played the original release yet?

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Posted in Gaming Zone on Aug 06, 2020


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