Microsoft New Chrominium Based Edge Full Review: Is That Faster Than Google Chrome?

Are You Using Windows 10? If Your Answer is Yes than definitely, Microsoft is installing a new Edge browser in your pc. But this new Edge browser is completely different than its legacy version. It comes with a new look and also gives excellent results. This browser makes a great comeback of Microsoft in the Browser market.


What Is The New Edge Browser?

New Edge Browser is launched in January 2020 and its also a chromium-based browser like Google Chrome. It supports all the extension of google chrome so it will be very helpful for who wanted to switch the browser. New Edge browser is completely different than its older version, It gives much faster results than chrome and It has a very simple look. In Today's Browser market Chrome has 69 % of the share and Microsoft edge has only 4% of market share. But this new browser update can make a great comeback to the browser market.

Features Of New Edge Browser

1. Setup is Quick and Easy

Microsoft edge setup is very easy and quick. while installing the browser they are giving an option of importing data from Chrome, This option can automatically install all the extensions/plugins which you're using in Chrome and copies all the bookmarks from Chrome, its process finishes in a very quick time. It's very helpful for the user who thinks to migrate from Chrom to a new edge browser.

2. Great User Experience

Unlike the older version of the edge which is very difficult to use, New Edge is very simple to use and gives a very familiar feel. You can easily set up the page layout of New edge as per your requirement. Which makes it one step ahead of its competitor. You can get four options in page layout settings.

  • Focused page layout looks like google chromes default tab. As you see in the image it has very simple and clean look

Screenshot (20).png

  • Inspirational page layout comes with beautiful theme and gives the beautiful look and feel to the user.

Screenshot (21).png

  • Informational page layout includes the latest news on the default home tab of browser just like older version of edge and it will helps user to keep upto date with latest updates about the world.

Screenshot (22).png

  • Custom page layout enables to user can setup its default home tab as per their requirements.

Screenshot (23).png

3. Privacy and syncing

Other browsers require you to sign in to ensure that passwords, favorites and browser history across the devices ,while Microsoft edge does't require that its automatically sign in with the microsoft account of windows and its syncing all the information with that account. It will save user favourites,history across the devices also gives the option of turn of syncing.

4. Performance

It gives the faster results than Chrome current updated version and also It can use less resources of pc which is quiet impressive. Google chrome can consume 14% more ram than new microsoft new edge browser.

What's new in Microsoft Edge which make it different than other browser?

In Windows 10 browser you can run website as apps. You can install site as app by using the app option which you will get from pressing three dots on right corner.Once you select that option it will show the website into the windows 10 app list and it will run by its own without any other edge feature.

It will also provide the tracking prevention feature which restrict trackers from sites you haven't visited, and will automatically block known harmful trackers too.This feature helps users to keep their data as private without breaking websites.

Does it Support to Other Operating Systems?

New microsoft edge browser can support windows 7,8 and 10 and also supported macOS and Android. Microsoft also plans to realease a new version for linux operating system.

Final Words On Microsoft Edge

New version of Microsoft Edge is exceptionally good and its good competitor for current market leader chrome. It gives much faster search results than Chrome with usage of minimum resources of device which is quiet impresive.It also help users to keep their data private from unwanted website which is also make different from other browser.This is browser which deserves better attention of user.

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Posted in App review, Reviews on Jun 11, 2020


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