'Mitron' App is now back on Google Playstore

Recently 'Mitron' app is removed by Google From Google Playstore becuase of some technical issues and some policy violation.Yesterday Google is explaining on blog the reason behind the app removal from Playstore and also state that they are working with developers to fix this issues and once issue are resolved app will be back on Playstore.


Today on 5th June 2020, Mitron is live on Google Playstore and they mention into the whats new section that they are solve issues of video upload,audio library and also fix the crashes and some other bugs.Earliar, Developer's functional website is not linked to playstore but now in this released they also linked to the functional website of the developers.

'Mitron' app is in controversies for two reasons, First is it has 5 million downloads in very short period of time and Second was it has connection from Pakistan based software company.Mitron source code was bought from Qbox which is Pakistan based software company and rebranded in India.

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Posted in Tech News on Jun 06, 2020


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