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Today I like to share the details about my favorite TV show. I hope you all like it. After 5-6 years I am watching one Marathi serial and Its name is "Ajunhi Barsat Aahe". In my home we don't have the Tv generally we are watching tv serials on our laptop or phone. But to watch this serial we are thinking to buy a TV at home. The reason behind this is they simply show the perfect mature love story and this story has some similarities with my life events.

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"Ajunhi Barsat Aahe" is not the typical drama serial and It showed the story of two-person who broke up the relationship in the past for some reason. But they waited for each other for 10 years. After that, they both are met in the clinic where they both work together. While working they are cared for each other and also support each other. But at the same time, they confess how they felt toughed to move on from the past. This serial perfectly shows the depth of real love. While this all happening they also fight with each other the typical small fights for the silly reason that made you laugh. You will enjoy this serial if you are in the love at college time.

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Dr. Aadiraj (Male character) is my favourite character is just because their something similarities between my life events. As in the serial, they show that Dr. Aadiraj is going through the depression after they broke up and Dr. Aadiraj getting some counseling from the coach and after that, he don't have trust in the marriage and relationship and he always found happiness while helping others. But when he saw Dr. Meera (Female character) again then he little bit curious about her. Is she married or not ? He is jealous when she talks with her male bestie and He always makes fun of her but when she needs support he is the first person who helps her without any expectations.

There are some similarities I found with this character and I really appreciate the writer how they perfectly portray the real broken person. As I am also facing depression after I broke up with my favorite person. I also go through with coaching and that was a tough time for me. After that, my way of thinking about life and marriage was completely changed. And very recently we started talking with each other. After 2 years when we talked our conversation is not dull. we also fight and argue for silly reasons but the day when I do not get a message from her I felt restless. I am not mentioning her name on this post but I know she will read this post and there will be another fight on this. But I liked that I enjoy that very much. I just wished she will have a better future and stay happy.

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If you really loved someone truly in the past and cared for her/him a lot then I definitely recommended to watch this serial. My whole family and friends already watching this serial and enjoy the all small fights which help you to connect with your memories. Once a time we imagine our life with that person and always have sweet memories with that person. Just enjoy that small good memory.

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