Over 3 lakh Nintendo user accounts are hacked

Japnese Gaming Company Nintendo issue statement about that over 160,000 accounts have been compromised by hackers. The hackers steal personal information about users such as account names, email, date of birth, etc. The company now says that after internal investigation the number of accounts hacked increases.


The Company now says that over 3,00,000 accounts are compromised under this cyber attack, Nintendo is apologized to its user and also promised that they will improve the security so it will not happen again.

The company says that the hackers broke into Nintendo network IDs that used for the services of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. After that, they are migrated to Nintendo accounts which are used for purchases from Nintendo's online store.

The company also says that they will reimburse the user who got affected by this cyber attack. The company also suggested to the user to reset their account passwords. The company also advised the user to check their purchase history if any unknown purchases found than notify the Nintendo.

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Posted in Gaming Zone, Tech News on Jun 11, 2020


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