PS 5 'Radical' Special Editions Teased by Sony Executive in Now Deleted Post

Sony uncovered the PlayStation 5 last week with a collection of new games at a digital event. Since then, the design of the PS 5 has been the talk of the town. Sony's VP of UX Design at PlayStation, Matt MacLaurin, later took to his LinkedIn page to share an image of the new console and then continued to tease different color variants and special editions of the console. MacLaurin told that the special editions will be “hopefully more radical” when discussing other variants of the PS5. But, that post has since been deleted, along with the comments.

Matt MacLaurin, in an, try to get fans even more hyped for the PS5, shared a post on LinkedIn with just the console. This began a string of comments where fans questioned the possibility of different color options to which MacLaurin then shared, “You will definitely be seeing special editions. This (PlayStation 5) is also customizable in ways previous gens weren't.” MacLaurin made it pretty clear that there would be special edition PS5 consoles like we saw with the PlayStation 4 (Spider-Man PS4 Pro, 2018 Days of Play PS4 Slim, God of War PS4 Pro, and others) adding that the PS5 special editions would be “hopefully more radical”.

While the post and those comments have now been deleted, we know from the launch event that there are already two versions/ designs of the PS5. One version comes with a 4K Blue 4K Blu-ray disc drive and the other one is without the drive, called the Digital Edition. The digital edition has an even more sleek design owing to the lack of bulge from the disk drive on one side. There are some ingenious changes between the two variants. It can be assumed that like the PS4 special editions, the PS5 special editions will also be bound to certain games, or there could be some celebratory special editions as well.

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Posted in Gaming Zone on Jun 18, 2020


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