PUBG Mobile Day vs Night event, All things you need to know

PUBG Mobile recently declared a slew of events for August. It also began the ‘Incredible India’ event in celebration of the 74th Independence Day in India. There’s another interesting event that’s taking place in PUBG Mobile and it’s called “Day vs Night”.

PUBG Mobile’s Day vs Night is already started and it will continue till August 20. The event is open to all and players have to complete a given number of Classic matches to earn exclusive rewards. The number of matches will be displayed in the event section. These matches have to be completed to gain points and rewards.

Once you complete three matches in Classic Mode, night mode will be automatically activated. You should then start your challenge in night mode and complete the mission in any match in Classic Mode so you can gain a multiplayer bonus for points from the matches won on the same day. Also, you have to complete challenges before 22:00 UTC as it will expire post this deadline.

PUBG Mobile lets you change the multiplayer bonus on the screen any time before the challenge mission is completed. But it cannot be changed once the challenge mission is completed. In this Day vs Night mode, the point system starts from 10 and goes up to 1000. Here, players can win rewards like the Key, Ancient Coins, Feathers and the Eternity Crate.

In the Eternity Crate, these are the items available -

  • Golden Lock Parachute Skin
  • Hot Pizza Backpack Skin
  • Temple Guardian Set
  • Golden Feather
  • AG currency
  • Ancient Coins

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Posted in Gaming Zone on Aug 18, 2020


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