PUBG Mobile exclusive map ‘Livik’ announced

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new map called ‘Livik’. The new map will be exclusive to PUBG Mobile and it is currently accessible in the beta version. PUBG Mobile teased the new map on Twitter along with a poster displaying the kind of scene it would be based on. Livik is the first map exclusive to PUBG Mobile and not rolling out first on PUBG’s desktop or console versions. We’ve heard about the new PUBG Mobile map which was introduced as a secret map. The devs have now confirmed it along with its official name. There’s still no release date announced though for Livik.

No further details of the new PUBG Mobile were given but it is expected to feature the four existing maps in one single map. Supporters suggest so based on four postcards that PUBG Mobile tweeted last month. All four postcards feature one area from every map and combined they form one map. So if this is true then Livik would have snow, grass, desert, and forest areas. There could be amazing new areas as well. It’s also supposed to be the smallest map on PUBG Mobile.

This is obvious in the secret map as well that some PUBG Mobile players got their hands on. Livik is also similar to Call of Duty: Mobile’s ‘Isolated Map’. The official teaser for Livik also displays lush greens, waterfalls, and flower fields. So it’s going to be the one visually rich map.

It’s still not open for all but interested PUBG Mobile players can go ahead and experience the Livik map on the beta app.

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Posted in Gaming Zone on Jun 26, 2020


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