PUBG Mobile: New Mysterious Jungle mode releasing on June 1


PUBG Mobile will introduced new mode for players to play with. Called the Mysterious Jungle Mode, the mode will be limited to Sanhok and will be available from June 1 onwards. Aside from in-map modifications, there is also be new jungle-themed outfits that will be made available to players.

According to the patched notes released at the launch of the v0.18.0 update, the new mode won’t be directly available for players to select. Instead, there will be a random chance to enter the mode when playing in Sanhok. This mode gives players the chance to find totems, which players can invoke and receive a “blessing or an item”. There is also Jungle Food that players can eat to gain “mysterious effects”. However, details of the blessings players get as well as the mysterious effect players get is not yet known. However, what is pretty straightforward is the Hot Air Balloon that players can control.

Of course, PUBG Mobile’s v0.18.0 update also brought with it a bunch of new additions, most notable being the new Mad Miramar map that packs a whole host of new features

Posted in Entertainment on May 28, 2020


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