Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2020

Everyone always wants to know about cryptocurrencies and invest into them. But lot of people doesnt know about which is top and secure cryptocurrencies. So here is some of the great picks of cryptocurrencies which gives you good returns over the time of period. So lets begin the journey of crypto world.Are You Ready for that? So let's Start.


Cryptocurrencies that can’t be ignored

1. Bitcoin [BTC]

Bitcoin also known as "Digital Gold" Because its proven over the years its ability to stand over the time and increase the investment value.In 2020, Bitcoin is falling down but still is one of the attractive cryptocurrency and It has still ability to grow over the time and give the good returns to its investor.

2. Ethereum [ETH]

Ethereum is also great cryptocurrency which gives good returns to the investor.In the year 2019 Ethereum also provide some great updates and interesting innovations. Ehtereum price is $246.99 USD at the time of writing these article which is much higher than its price at beginning. Ethereum is available only in $0.61 USD in 2014 and its shows tremendous growth over the years.Still Ethereum has good potential of growth.

3. Tezos [XTZ]

Tezos is introduced by French teams and it is one good potetial to emerge as important player in the crypto ecosystems.Tezos [XTZ] price is $2.98 USD at the time of writing this article and it has good potential of growth just like Ethereum and Bitcoin.The security of the protocol is ensured by a Proof-of-Stake system that allows Tezos[XTZ] investors to capture the monetary creation in just a few clicks. Coinhouse allows you to participate in this system and earn an annual return of around 6 to 7% on your Tezos[XTZ].Tezos is one of the grat picks for your Crypto Portfolio.

4. MakerDAO [MKR, DAI]

MakerDAO [MKR,DAI] Built on the Ethereum network, MakerDAO is the leader in decentralized stablecoins management systems.DAI Token value is backed by the dollar and the holders of the MKR token receive a remuneration on the interest of the credits.MKR coin price is now $449.94 USD and DAI coin is available at around $1 USD at the time of writing this article.These two coins also has good potential to shwos double or triple digit returns.

5. Cosmos [ATOM]

Cosmos[Atom] project is very young as compared to the other cryptocurrencies and its still on experimental stages. Its price is $2.87 USD at the time of writing this article and its market cap is around $546,826,901 USD. So it is best pick for your crypto portfolio and it will gives double digit returns in the upcoming years.

6. Polkadot [DOT]

Polkadot[DOT] project presents complementary and non-competitive technology to other networks such as Bitcoin or Ehtereum.But Some investors find difficulties to invest in Polkadot because its not available in some markets. Polkadot[DOT] price is $113.98 USD which quite higher but it will gives you good retuns on investment in upcoming years.

7. Synthetix Exchange [SNX]

Synthetix is previously known as Heaven and In 2018 it is just available at $0.07 USD and in 2020 it price is $0.801669 USD which gives you much higher returns and as per the experts of the industry it has good potential like bitcoin to give 50x returns in upcoming years.

8. Aave [LEND]

Aave [LEND] is with an attractive risk/return ratio to keep on the radar of investors open to new opportunities. Its price is $0.063996 USD and total market cap is around $83,195,096 USD. So it is good investment pick.

9. Kleros [PNK]

Kleros is an innovative project, a decentralized arbitration tribunal whose token PNK allows its bearers to become “jurors” in disputes and to collect the fees paid by the disputing parties.Its price is $0.020406 USD and it will give two digit returns in very short period of time. It remains an asset to be monitored and eventually integrated into a portfolio to increase its risk/return.

10. Stake Capital DAO [SCT]

Stake Capital is one of the major players in the staking market. The company offers to leverage investors’ assets on most of the protocols currently available.Its price is $0.00595021 USD and it already gives good returns to investor and it has good growth in future times.

You will have thus understood it, investing in cryptomoney without doing research beforehand is not recommended. You have to be able to evaluate and understand what you are buying. This is an exciting process in a dynamic and innovative cryptoeconomy environment, but it takes a lot of time.

Posted in Cryptocurrencies on Apr 02, 2020


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