Twitter introduced new feature called 'Fleets' in India

Twitter introduced new feature called 'Fleets' in India, It is like Instagram stories which is disappear after 24 hours.It is display on user's profile picture.Other user can reply on 'Fleets' only if that user’s DMs are open. It is available on both android and iOS platforms in India,This feature is still in testing phase in Italy and Brazil.


India is the very important for Twitter as in India is one of our largest and fastest-growing audience market in the world.

To create a 'Fleet' you have to tap on the profile and choose create new 'Fleet' option.After selecting the new fleet option, User can add text or media files in a Fleet and click on post fleet option.

If you want to see someone's fleet than you should tap on user profile to see a fleet. To view newer Fleets you have to swipe down and swipe up to see older fleets.Buttons to reply and react are available if the user has DM's option is open.

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Posted in Tech News on Jun 10, 2020


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