The UK set to ban Huawei technology from nationwide 5G infrastructure, The Telegraph reports

Boris Johnson is set to start phasing out the usage of Huawei Technologies Co. equipment in UK’s 5G network as soon as this year, according to the Telegraph newspaper.

A report by the country’s state intelligence agency due to being presented to the prime minister this week is supposed to conclude that new U.S. sanctions on the Chinese company will force Huawei to use untrusted technology that could make security risks difficult to control, the Telegraph reported.

Officials are now drawing up bids to stop installing new Huawei stuff in the 5G network in as little as six months and to speed up the elimination of technology that is already in place, according to the Telegraph. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden is supposed to provide Johnson with formal advice as soon as this week.

Dowden on Tuesday said Parliament that Huawei won’t be part of the U.K.’s 5G telecoms networks in the long term, adding that he welcomes proposals from alternative vendors including South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. and Japan’s NEC Corp.

“Huawei is the most scrutinized vendor in the world and we firmly believe our unrivaled transparency in the U.K. means we can continue to be trusted to play a part in Britain’s gigabit upgrade," a Huawei spokesman told the paper. “It’s important to focus on facts and not to speculate at this time."

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Posted in Tech News on Jul 05, 2020


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