Vanitha Vijaykumar gets married to fiance Peter Paul. See wedding ceremony pics

Vanitha Vijaykumar got married to her fiance Peter Paul today (June 27) at 4 pm in Chennai. The couple swapped their wedding rings in the presence of family members and close friends. Photos of their lockdown wedding have seen its way to the internet. The actress had a Christian wedding and seemed bright in a satin wedding gown, while Peter Paul wore a black suit for the ceremony. Vanitha's kids Jovika and Jayanitha (from her previous marriage) were her bridesmaids and seemed adorable in icy blue gowns.

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Vanitha and Peter exchanged kisses after the priest officiated the ceremony. Simultaneously with the cake cutting session, the couple popped the champagne

Last week, Vanitha introduced her fiance Peter Paul to the world and added that he changed her world. Peter Paul is a filmmaker by profession. In an announcement, she wrote, "He walked out of a dream into my life. He filled the void I never knew existed. Surprisingly, I felt secure and complete around him. He stepped in as a friend and helped me when I was lost without any technical help for my YouTube channel during the lockdown. He made things happen in such a way that I was at ease, so calm stress-free, and well taken care of."

This is Vanitha Vijaykumar's third marriage. Earlier, she was married to Akash, whom she separated in 2007. Later, she got married to Anand Jay Rajan and the couple called it ends in 2012.As reported earlier, Vanitha is not on talking terms with her dad Vijaykumar and five siblings.

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