What Is A Blog and How Should I Earn Money From Blog

In today's time we heard that everyone should have atleast one blog to earn some extra cash other than our fixed income source.But did you What is a Blog? If you really doesn't know much about what is actually blog is than don't worry, After reading this article you will have pretty much information about blogs.Blogging Most simpliest way to earn money and If you already started a blog and not able to get monetization than I will also give you some tips at the end of this article that will you to monitize your blog. So Lets start to explore the world of blogs.


What Is A Blog ?

In simple words, Blog is a website which gives valuable information about any topic which will helps people in their life.For example currently your reading is also one of the blog which gives information about various topic.Just like me you can also write a blog topic in which you have interest or you can also share your experiences in blog like if you frequently visit various restaurants than you can also write a review blog on that topics.

Types of Blog ?

In today's time, There various types of blog is available on internet.There is lots of people provide valuble information on various topics.Here is the list of some popular typs of blog :-

  • Fashion Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Music Blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Technical Blogs
  • Gaming Blogs
  • Political Blogs
  • Movie Blogs

This is are some popular types of blog but in simple word you should find blog on every topic.So if you want to start blogging you can choose any topic as per your choice.

How Should I Earn From Blog and How Much Cost Should I Paid?

The initial setup cost to start a blog is just under Rs.2000($30 USD). Yes,This is so affordable to create blog but you have to do hard work for it.You just need a require domain and hosting services for blog, In simple words domain is just your blog name and hosting is the place where your blog is running. You will get cheapest domain and hosting from Bigrock.com and Godaday.com

After all when its come to earning than there is no limit of earning.It means you can also make millions of dolloar through blogs.There is some people actullay earning lots of moneys through blogs.

There is many ways you can make earn through blog. If your blog is something like product review than affiliate marketing is the best for you to earn money. The simpliest way to earning money from blog is you can monitize your blog with google adsense and google will give money on how much traffic is coming on your blog. But you have to give time and efforts to grow your blog than it will give also give you Handsome earnings.

Before You Start a Blog You should Know this Things.

There is many bloggers who do silly mistakes in the beginning period that also affect on their earnings. Here is some tips for you all for blogging :-

1) Keep patience

You should keep patience while write a blog, Becuase people expect income from blog in very first month but this is quiet difficult.Your blog should have time to grow.

2) Never Copy Content From Other blog

If you copy content for other blog than your blog is never approved for advertising. Because Every Adnetwork who place advertisement on your blog is expecting unique content which attract most readers towards your site.So always keep in mind you should write your blog in your own words.You can also write a blog in your mothertounge. There is a no barrier of language, only matter is your knowledge.

3) Consistency

While you blogging, be a consistent. You should write atleast one blog for a day and it will not take much time.You can write a one blog in 35-40 min So it will not take much time.

4) Never Place Too Much Advertisement

You should keep one thing in mind that you should place ads on blog in that way which doesn't irritate your readers. You should place clean 1 or two ads on blogs.If you place too much ads on a blog that will be shown negative impact on your traffic and in result your income also decrease.

5) Share Your Post On Social Media

Whenever you start blogging start sharing your post with your friends and family and also tell them to share it will be helps you to reach maximum people.It is the easiest way to generate organic traffic.

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