WhatsApp Mobile Numer Appears in Google Search Results-Is it bug or not?

WhatsApp is leading chat application which helps user to communicate with others.Its provide lots of feature to user but now one of the feature of WhatsApp put user's mobile numbers at risk.


Reseacher finds that "Click to Chat” feature of WhatsApp puts users phone number at risk by allowing the number in Google Search to index them so anyone can find.But WhatsApp owner Facebook stated that it is no big deal and that the search results only shows what the users have chosen to make public anyway.

The issue is find by Atul Athul Jayaram and told that the phone numbers “leaked” and characterizes the situation as a security bug that puts WhatsApp users’ privacy at risk.

Click to Chat option is a Web version of WhatsApp where user can chat with other on WhatsApp Website and To start chat session of WhatsApp on web user needs to scan QR code which is shown on website.

Jayaram said that those mobile numbers can also turn up in Google Search results, because search engines is index on Click to Chat metadata. The phone numbers are shown as part of a URL string (https://wa.me/) and so, this in effect “leaks” the mobile phone numbers of WhatsApp users in plaintext, according to the researcher’s view.

“The mobile number of user is visible in plain text in this URL and anyone who gets hold of the URL can know your mobile number. User cannot revoke it,” said Jayaram.He also found that more than 300,000 WhatsApp phone numbers are Google indexed.

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Posted in Tech News on Jun 07, 2020


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